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Eagle Application Submission


When you have COMPLETED ALL REQUIREMENTS for EAGLE, you must complete your Eagle Application and Statement of Ambitions. Make sure that you obtain all signatures! Once everything is completed, EMAIL both documents to TROOP160BSA@AOL.COM. Note: ALL Documents must be in the PDF format.


 Eagle Rank Application Click Here.    Application Checklist before Submitting CLICK HERE.

  1. Process for submitting an Eagle Rank Application
    • Complete the online Eagle Application, use the latest printing only. 
    • Cross off the merit badge you are NOT using for merit badge 7, 8, and 10
    • The Scout contacts the person's they are using for references and gives them a copy of the Eagle Reference Letter. The scout does not collect the reference letters. ALL letters should be sent to the address in the letter provided to the reference.  There are two versions of the letter, one addressed to the Parents of the Scout and the other to the remaining references'. To download a copy of the general letter Click Here.  For a copy of the letter for your Parents Click Here.
    • A parent is allowed to write a reference letter in regards to a scout “being reverent” in place of a clergy.
    • Under “Two other references”, these should NOT be Leaders or Committee members.
    • Your references can respond by Email or US Mail to the address supplied in the letter.   NOT to the Scout or Unit
    • For "Requirement 7" attach your statement of ambitions and life purpose (read the requirement and supply the information asked for) This is the information after requirement 6 and before the scouts signature.
    • The application MUST be reviewed by the unit leadership for accuracy, completeness and required signatures
    • If documentation is correct, unit leadership will submit to Staten Island Advancement Committee, otherwise it will be returned for correction.
    • The Staten Island Advancement Committee will submit the eagle application for processing, gather the received reference letters and notify the Scout Master when all paper work is completed satisfactorily and a Board of Review may be scheduled.

  2. Request for an Eagle Board Of Review
    • Once the Unit Leaders receive confirmation that the Scouts records are verified and noted by Council, and that his reference letters have been received, the unit leader may then Request an Eagle Board Of Review

  3. Eagle Board of Review
    • Make sure that you bring your PRINTED workbook, with all necessary signatures to the Board of Review
    • Scout's parents and members of the unit's committee or leaders should be in attendance - Due to the current situation, Covid Restrictions may prevent this or limit attendees.