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posted Jul 31, 2021, 12:54 AM by Web Master   [ updated Jul 31, 2021, 12:55 AM ]
ARRIVAL, 08/1/2021:
  • Please arrive at 2:00pm
  • Everyone in the vehicle will be screened as they enter the camp.  Staff will ask a series of questions and take everyone’s temperature.
  • You will be directed to the parking lot where you will drop off the scout and their personal items.
  • All scouts from Troop 160 will gather in the parking lot and be escorted to the parade tent by the dining hall.
  • During this time, items will be transported to the camp site by leaders and staff
  • All scouts will have their medicals reviewed and will be given color coded bracelets.
  • Scouts will then be taken to the waterfront for swim tests. (ALL SCOUTS MUST WEAR BATHING TRUNKS UP TO CAMP)
  • After the swim tests, scouts will go to the site.
  • Masks will be required by all who are not vaccinated.  Also, masks will be required by all in areas where there is congregation.  PLEASE SEND UP SEVERAL MASKS PER SCOUT.
  • Parents will not be allowed to enter the camp area, outside of the parking lot.

PICK UP, 08/07/2021:
You will arrive at the parking lot and staff will be there to coordinate pick up of scouts.  Please arrive at 8:30am.  Please remain in the parking lot.