Reminder: Court of Honor Tonight 12-14

Post date: Dec 14, 2020 6:10:49 AM

Tonight's In-Person Court of Honor will be restricted to Scouts and Leaders due to Covid restrictions. We will attempt to live stream the ceremony on the internet (Look in the Media Section for the link. The Link will go live after everyone arrives and we are ready to start.

The meeting pickup time will be earlier than usual and is expected to be between 8:05-8:15pm, after everyone wipes down the chairs and cleans up.

In case of Shutdown

If restrictions shutdown our meetings, we will still have the Court of Honor for the whole troop tonight, but the live stream will not take place. The Court of Honor will be moved online to Google Meets for scout participation only. This means that only the Scout will be allowed to enter the Google Meet space. The troop will notify you via email if the meeting moves online. We will also send the link to the Google Meet. If anyone else would like to view the Court of Honor, they will need to be in the same area as you, watching your screen.